‘I have a dream of owning my own tailor shop when I go back to Mwakitolyo….I will open my own tailoring shop and employ other people, especially young girls - who are currently involved in different small and dangerous activities - to work in my shop.’
Mwamvua Ramadhani, vocational training student, June 2018


With your support, you can give a child, working in a gold mine, a better future and life. Your donation is fully and directly used to make these children become independent and to live in a safer and healthier environment for a better future. 

Our foundation has the Dutch ANBI stichting status. For more information about the advantages for donations, please see here.

Donation Programme 2019/20

more information will follow later this year.

Donation Programme 2018/19

The donation programme 2018 ended last December and thanks to the great support, 10 children (14 - 17 years old) working in the gold mines Kalole or Nyangarata near Kahama, Tanzania, can start the one-year vocational training at Buhangija Focal Development College from January - December 2019. They can chose a profession that is locally needed (such as tailoring (for girls), electricity, motor vehicle mechanics, masonry) and that enables them to sustain and live under better conditions instead of being exposed to the extremely poor, exploitative, dangerous and unheathy life in the gold mines.

The donations will go fully and directly to the children’s needs, including: school fees, uniforms, school material and/or start up tools (f.ex. sewing machine), food and accommodation during their stay at the College. This is monitored and coordinated locally by the NGO Rafiki SDO (see Collaborations).

 Boy working at Mwakitoloyo gold mine, close to Kahama, Tanzania. 

Children from Mwakitoloyo gold mines during their vocational training in June 2018.

The needs per child is appr. 700€ for the training period of one year. Reports providing transparency over our activity and the education programme will be continuously published on this website.

Donations can be made to:

Triodos Bank
Stichting For Iron I Gave Gold
Haarlemmermeerstraat 90-2
1058 KD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
IBAN: NL28 TRIO 0379 3364 64

We are very thankful for your support!

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