Rafiki Social Development Organisation

Our foundation works together with a local NGO in Tanzania, Rafiki SDO, recommended by Human Right Watch and Terre des Hommes.

Rafiki Social Development Organisation is based in Kahama and Shinyanga, Tanzania. Founded in 2005, Rafiki SDO is a development and advocacy NGO working with children, youth, marginalized and vulnerable groups, families and their communities to reach their full potential by advocating for their rights and tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

Rafiki works in the poorest area in northwestern Tanzania and where most of the gold mines are located. Since a lot of people from the whole country move there in order to find work (80% of people are peasants in Tanzania), AIDS, poverty and child labour are one of the biggest problems to fight. Besides their AIDS programme for women and children, Rafiki has a programme to fight for children’s right for education and to give them another future than the unhealthy and dangerous working conditions in smaller gold mines. Children are exploited by having little income and long working hours quarrying stones, digging down pits, washing the powdered stone (where they are in contact with mercury) and operating stone crushers. Our project’s goal is to withdraw them from the mining activity and provide them again an education in form of a vocational training (tailoring, motor vehicle maintanance or electrical installation).

The project is implemented in mainly 4 artisan gold mines in the area of Kahama (Iyenze, Kalole, Nyangarata, Mwakitolyo). The project is exclusively funded by For Iron I Gave Gold foundation.

Rafiki SDO social worker Tangi Clement, 2019

Visiting an installationin made by children from electrical vocational training, Aug/Sep 2019

Visiting vocational training students in Aug/Sep 2019

Rafiki team and Antoinette Vonder Muehll in front of Rafiki’s office at Kahama

Child working in one of the four local artisan gold mines near Kahama (Mwakitoloyo)

Map of Tanzania showing the gold mine area in the north west of the country

Mwakitolyo gold mine near Kahama

Visit of Rafiki team and A.Vonder Muehll at Mwakitolyo gold mine, January 2017

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