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Our foundation organises projects – online or at specific locations – discussing our value system with new perspectives. All our projects support the funding programme with the goal to raise money for vocational trainings for children in gold mines
All our products are hand made and until now, 100% of the profit of sales supports the funding for vocational trainings of children currently working in artisan gold mines. 


IRONGold Bracelets 

These simply twisted iron bracelets origin from a Massaï market in Mwanza, Tanzania. They are thinly gilded (3-5micron) with 18ct gold. Some of the gold will gradually fade away in time but its value will never disappear. 
Each is different, in either size or design, and there is a limited edition of 13. Please see below how prices and sizes (the bracelets remain open, therefore adjustable).
And if you like the combination of the two materials, you can also choose additionally a pure iron one.
If you want tor reserve one or have any questions about it, please send us an email to:
You can pay safely by credit card on this site via the below options or via PayPal to

100% of the profit from these bracelets will be used to support children working in gold mines in northwestern Tanzania, offering them a vocational training 2021 to learn a safe and sustainable profession.


€190.00 outside the Netherlands.
€230.00 within the Netherlands (since including 21% BTW)

Additional IRON bracelet (only purchasable with a gilded one):

For Iron I Gave Gold - FE AU rings

These recycled gold/iron rings can be purchased in support of children in goldmines who will receive a vocational training in the region of Kahama/Shinyanga, Tanzania.
The rings intertwine ordinary iron with precious (recycled) gold creating a contrast of values. Handmade by Antoinette Vonder Muehll, autumn 2019.

Please chose the ring size (ring diameter in mm) in the dropdown menu below. There are two different prices:

€230.00 outside the Netherlands.
€280.00 within the Netherlands (including 21% BTW)

To measure the correct size, it is advised to use an existent ring and to measure the inside diameter.

For Iron I Gave Gold - Amsterdam October/November 2017 – 18

The first project under the title of For Iron I Gave Gold took place in 2017, initiated and organised by Antoinette Vonder Muehll, artist and founder of this foundation. She presented For Iron I Gave Gold with the aim to expand our perspectives on value exchange and substitute a materialistic value for a humane one: The full profit from self-made iron rings, sold for the corresponding price in gold, made possible the educational re-integration of 10 children working in artisan gold mines.

Two events took place in Amsterdam to present the rings. The first event was in the setting of the 17th-century mercantile environment of The Merchant House with a talk by Olav Velthuis, Professor at the Department of Sociology of the University of Amsterdam, specialized in economic sociology, sociology of the arts and cultural sociology. Velthuis’s talk complemented Vonder Muehll’s presentation and discussed/explored how contemporary art can reflect critically on economic values.

The second event took place at Prins Claus Fund in the temporary setting of Pages Bookstore Café. It was dedicated to social and humane values and Michele Robecchi, independent curator, artist and editor at Phaïdon London gave an exciting talk and discussed with the public the use of social and humane values in artistic production, reflecting on their possible positive and negative impact. Projects that radically extend, push, cross and change the borders of social values and provoke or discuss new ways of engagement between art and society.  From Adrian Piper’s project Probable Trust Registry to Theaster Gates’ Stony Island Bank over Mark Bradford’s Art+ Practice, Christoph Büchel’s Icelandic Pavillion in 2015 and many more, each of these projects provokes or seeks a different social impact within our society.

Each ring comes in a package with a hidden magnet holding the ring in place. The printed photo on textile was taken during the visit in an artisan gold mine near Kahama, Tanzania. The man weighting the extracted gold shows some small nuggets, accumulated through the long and hard labour process of extracting it in the end from mercury.
Please be aware that these iron rings can change colour through ageing.

Some rings are still available. See below a list of available rings. The price of each ring is calculated by its weight in gold with an updated gold price from 24 September 2019 at €44.64/g.

If you are interested in purchasing a ring, see below left options and contact us on

Available rings

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