Prins Claus Fund – 12 October 2017

The second evening of For Iron I Gave Gold took place at Prins Claus Fund in the temporary setting of  Pages Bookstore Café. It was dedicated to social and humane values. Michele Robecchi, independent curator, artist and editor at Phaïdon London gave an exciting talk and discussed with the public the use of social and humane values in artistic production and reflect on their possible positive and negative impact. Projects that radically extend, push, cross and change the borders of social values and provoke or discuss new ways of engagement between art and society.  From Adrian Piper’s project ‘Probable Trust Registry’ to Theaster Gates’ Stony Island Bank over Mark Bradford’s Art+ Practice, Christoph Büchel’s Icelandic Pavillion in 2015 and many more, each of these projects provokes or seeks a different social impact within our society.

During the event, iron rings were sold for the price of gold. For Iron I Gave Gold aims to launch the discussion and explores how contemporary art can react critically on our system of values.


Michele Robecchi discussing Joseph Beuys’ Office for the Organisation for Direct Democracy, documenta Kassel 1972


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