The Merchant House – 5 October 2017

IMG_2550 3

TMH TALK SERIES—Antoinette Vonder Mühll: For Iron I Gave Gold Thursday 5 October, 19:00-21:00

Join us at The Merchant House for an evening reflecting on values: how and if art projects can influence, reinterpret and expand our perspectives on value exchange.

Artist Antoinette Vonder Mühll will present the first part of her project For Iron I Gave Gold, which uses her self-made iron rings, sold for the value of their weight in gold, to address the process of economic value exchange. She is joined by Olav Velthuis, Professor at the Department of Sociology of the University of Amsterdam, specializing in economic sociology, sociology of the arts and cultural sociology. He is the author of Talking Prices: Symbolic Meanings of Prices on the Market for Contemporary Art (Princeton University Press, 2005).

Appropriately set in the 17th-century mercantile environment of The Merchant House, For Iron I Gave Gold aims to expand our perspectives on value exchange, and substitute a materialistic value for a humane one: The full profit from the iron rings will go to the educational re-integration of children working in artisan gold mines in Kahama District, Tanzania and will be coordinated by the local NGO Rafiki-SDO. Velthuis’s talk will complement Vonder Mühll’s presentation and discuss and explore how contemporary art can reflect critically on economic values.





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