Collaboration with the NGO Rafiki SDO

The full profit of the sale of rings will be going to children between 13 – 17 years old who are currently working in the Mwakitolyo and Nyaligongo gold mines. Each child/teen can chose a specific course – motor vehicle maintainance, tailoring, electrical installation or masonry – and the duration of the vocational training is January 2018 – December 2018. During this education, the teens will learn how to earn their living and how to start their own start-up business in the domain they want to work in.

The For Iron I Gave Gold project’s full profit from the sale of the iron rings will be directly implemented in the costs for a year long education for as many children as possible. These costs include:

  • school fees
  • uniforms & shoes, safety boots, overcoat/overall
  • stationary items
  • transport during holidays to go home to their families
  • bedsheets/mosquito net
  • start-up capital support

The costs per teen for this year long vocational training is approximately the average price of a ring.

image: Children who graduated this year


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