Iron Rings

Self-made iron rings will be on sale in two venues in Amsterdam and online. I have chosen to use iron as the material for my objects since iron and gold are both pure metal elements within the periodic table and their value and characteristics are very much opposite of each other.The price of each iron piece is de ned by the corresponding price in gold. One receives an iron ring but pays its value in gold.This amount of money will be given to a specific, selected NGO inTanzania (see Rafiki SDO) that initiates education development programmes for children working in artisanal gold mining.


Approximately 30 iron rings are made from leftovers that will be shaped in facetted rings with some accentuated shiny facets. The facets refer on one side to the cutting of precious stones, their optimised use to make a stone as much radiant as possible. On another side, facets permit to monitor the amount of material and therefore have varieties in volume and weight. Facets also reveal a plurality of surfaces and different angles to look at the object which reflects symbolically to the project’s aim: to look at values from different perspectives. All rings will be engraved with ‘FOR IRON I GAVE GOLD’ on the inside.

A list of available sizes and prices of the rings will be available by end of September.

Fresh engraved rings!



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