Rafiki SDO, Kahama, Tanzania

Rafiki Social Development Organisation is based in Kahama, Tanzania. Rafiki SDO is a development and advocacy NGO working with children, youth, marginalized and vulnerable groups, families and their communities to reach their full potential by advocating for their rights and tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

Rafiki works in the poorest area of Tanzania, northwest where most of the gold mines are located. Since a lot of people from the whole country move there in order to find work (80% of people are farmers), AIDS, poverty and child labour are one of the biggest problems to fight. Besides their AIDS programme for women and children, Rafiki has started a programme to fight for children’s right for education and to give them another future than the unhealthy and dangerous working conditions in smaller gold mines.


image: graduation of children/teens working formerly in goldmines, 2017

Children are exploited by having little income, working long hours quarrying stones, digging down pits, washing the powdered stone (where they are in contact with mercury) and operating stone crushers. The programme’s goal is to withdraw them from the mines and provide them again education and vocational training (tailoring, motor vehicle maintanance, electrical installation and masonry).

The project is implemented in mainly 4 artisan gold mines in the area of Kahama (Iyenze, Kalole, Nyangarata, Mwakitolyo).

I have visited the gold mining area of Kahama and Geita in January 2017 and decided to implement the funds of my work about values to Rafiki SDO. The profit will be strictly for programme costs for children between 11-17. This includes school fees, uniforms, school material and/or start up tool (f.ex. sewing machine), food and accommodation.


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